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The Greenfab project aims to develop an innovative and co-operative platform for micro-production and the creation of prototypes for a community of environmental friendly developers who want to share knowledge, space, tools and machines.

As in many co-working places, we will offer office spaces to a community of creators and entrepreneurs. We want to give them more: an easy and smooth access to office and work spaces, equipped with production machinery and tools.

Our goal is to help that community to produce objects based on plastic, wood, steel or with electronic components.

The Greenfab project is deeply rooted in the principles of functional economy, social entrepreneurship and co-operative movement.

The main objectives of the Greenfab project:

  • In order to develop a sustainable economic activity, give access to work spaces, machines, tools and knowledge to people who do not have enough financial means to acquire or rent such spaces and tools,
  • Decrease the environmental impact of producing objects by sharing machines and tools, reducing transport and recycling waste of local companies or objects at the end of their life cycle,
  • Support project managers and developers, boost new perspectives for existing companies and, on the long term, take part in the industrial redevelopment of the city and the relocation of some production processes,
  • Reduce the environmental impact of human activities through the development of innovative solutions that need the production of prototypes and objects.